MISURE: 55 x 41 x 21,5 cm



Exclusively produced in Italy, combining aerospace technologies with the precious knowledge and skills of our master craftsmen.


Available with TKSS Bulletproof panel.


Interior Accessories:

Waterproof Cover

Kit of 6 Nylon bags

TSA padlock with carbon fibre pouch

Tecknomonster SECURITY Seal Package

Real leather Name

Carbon fibre Magnetic Cable Stop


On our carbon fibre travel kits, a personalization service is available, which includes the study of the ideal combination for each type of car and the realization of details with the same leathers as the car manufacturer and/or the same Colorings. For information contact us at the section "Tailor Made".


We are willing to grant you any request, if you want to be assisted by a personal shopper who advice or to wax a unique item, just for you, contact us at the section "Tailor Made".

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